Hempleaf Ragwort

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Hempleaf Ragwort grows in the following 2 states:

Alabama, Florida

Senecio brasiliensis or by its common name flor-das-almas, (flower-of-souls) a perennial species of Senecio genus and the family Asteraceae grows as a native in the fields and meadows of central South America.

S. brasiliensis is a densely leafy perennial herb, 1 metre (3.3ft) to 2 metres (6.6ft) tall, with yellow flowers that prefers to make its home in degraded pasture lands and unploughed croplands in central South America.
Leaves and stems: S. brasiliensis stands very upright with a branched hairless and grooved stem. The leaves are alternate, pinnate and deeply lobed dark green on the top, whitish green on the underside. The lower part of the plant is smooth, while the upper part is hairy and the leaves cluster at the highest point with the flower stalks (corymbs).
Flowers: Yellow flowers dense on corymbs; two types of flowers (that look like [petal]s), disc florets with both male and female flowers and ray flowers which are simply female.
Seeds: Small seed with white hairs that use the wind to get around with.
S. brasiliensis grows at elevations of 0 metres (0ft) to 1,000 metres (3,300ft).
Native: Argentina (mostly North Argentine Northwest and Gran Chaco), Bolivia, Brazil (mostly South Central), Paraguay, and Uruguay.
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