Heath False Brome

Heath False Brome Plant Information

Heath False Brome grows in the following 3 states:

Oregon, California, Massachusetts

Brachypodium pinnatum, the heath false brome or tor-grass, is a plant in the grass family, with a widespread distribution in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It typically grows in calcareous grassland, and reaches 70-120 centimetres (28-47in) tall. The flowerhead is open, with 10 to 15 erect spikelets.

The plant can be found in such US states as California, Massachusetts, and Oregon.
The caterpillars of some Lepidoptera use it as a foodplant, e.g. the Essex skipper (Thymelicus lineola). It is also one of the most important host grasses for Auchenorrhyncha in central Europe.

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