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Nestegis sandwicensis, commonly known as Hawai'i olive' or olopua, is a species of flowering tree in the olive family, Oleaceae, that is endemic to Hawaii. It is found on all major islands at elevations of 30-1,300m (98-4,265ft) in coastal mesic and mixed mesic forests, and, especially, dry forests. It usually reaches a height of 6m (20ft) with a trunk diameter of 0.2m (0.66ft), but may reach 20m (66ft) in height with a trunk diameter of 0.9m (3.0ft).

Native Hawaiians used the hard wood of olopua to make au koi (adze handles), apuapu (rasps for making fish hooks), (digging sticks), laau melomelo (fishing lures), pou (house posts), phoa (daggers), pkoi (tripping weapons similar to a rope dart), and spears. Because the wood burned well even if green, it was used as wahie (firewood).

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