Hairy Indian Mallow

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A. grandifolium can be distinguished from A. theophrasti by long, simple hairs on the stem rather than stellate hairs.Abutilon grandifolium, or hairy Indian mallow, is a large shrub that is up to 3m (9.8ft) high with broad, 3-18cm (1.2-7.1in) leave blades. Flowers are axillary, with a yellow corolla 2-3.5cm (0.8-1.4in) across, composed of petals 1-1.5cm (0.4-0.6in) long. The fruits are ovoid-globular schizocarps that are 1-1.5cm (0.4-0.6in) in diameter and composed of ten shortly beaked mericarps, containing 2-3 seeds each.

The species is native to tropical America and Central and South Africa, but it is naturalised in other parts of the world, including the Canary Islands, Hawaii and in shrubland and loamy areas of Australia. In Western Australia it was found in Swan Coastal Plain.
In Western Australia it is considered not threatened.

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