Meadow Geranium

Meadow Geranium Plant Information

Meadow Geranium grows in the following 9 states:

Alaska, Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan

Geranium pratense, the meadow crane's-bill or meadow geranium, is a species of hardy flowering herbaceous perennial plant in the genus Geranium and family Geraniaceae.

The leaves are deeply divided into 7-9 lobes and 3-6inch wide and the flowers are pale blue, although getting paler into the centre. The flowers have 5 petals, which sometimes have veins. The stamens have pink-purple stalks with dark purple anthers.
It is native to much of Europe and Asia, but is cultivated and naturalized elsewhere. Several cultivars are available for garden use, of which 'Mrs Kendall Clark' and 'Plenum violaceum' have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
Meadow cranesbill is its most common name, although other names include 'meadow crane's-bill' and 'meadow geranium'.

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