Garden Stonecrop

Garden Stonecrop Plant Information

Garden Stonecrop grows in the following 16 states:

Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Virginia

Hylotelephium erythrostictum, commonly known as garden stonecrop, is a herbaceous perennial plant in the genus Hylotelephium, belonging to the Crassulaceae family.

Hylotelephium erythrostictum reaches on average a height of 30-70 centimetres (12-28in). The stem is simple and the leaves are opposite, sessile, oblong, and succulent, about 5-7 centimetres (2.0-2.8in) long. The flat cymes bear many white or pale pink tiny flowers of about 1 centimetre (0.39in) of diameter, with lanceolate petals. The flowering period extends from September through October in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is native to Japan, Korea, Russia and China.
This plant grows in grasslands, meadows, hillsides and ravines. It prefers fertile well-drained soil, at elevations between 400 metres (1,300ft) and 1,700 metres (5,600ft) above sea level.

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