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Galium aschenbornii is a species of flowering plant in the genus Galium, native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Ecuador.

Galium aschenbornii is a climbing or trailing plant, with leaves in whorls of four, each leaf being 7-15 millimetres (0.3-0.6in) long. Its flowers are typically red or pink (occasionally white, yellow or greenish) and actinomorphic with elongated corolla lobes, although few flowers are normally produced.
Galium aschenbornii is found in mountainous regions of Mexico, as far north as Jalisco and San Luis Potos, and south through Central America to Ecuador. It lives at altitudes of 1,200-3,500 metres (3,900-11,500ft) in "moist slopes, meadows or streambanks, in open or dense forests of oak and conifers".

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