Fremontsgold Plant Information

Fremontsgold grows in the following 4 states:

Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada

The name "Syntrichopappus" derives from a Greek name: "syn" = "joined together", "tricho" = "hair", of the "pappus", which means many bristles fused at the base (however some species have no pappus). The common name "xerasid" derives from Greek, meaning "son of dryness".Syntrichopappus is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy or sunflower family (Asteraceae), found in the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico, including Baja California. It is a member of the Heliantheae alliance of the Asteraceae. There are two species. Common names include xerasid and Fremont's-gold.

Leaves are simple, alternate, sometimes with the lowest ones opposite.
Flower heads are solitary. There is one yellow (or white with red veins) ray flower per phyllary, with 3-lobed ligules. The yellow disk flowers are narrowly funnel shaped.
The fruits have 0 to many pappus bristles, fused at the base.

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