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The distribution range of the species is a narrow coastal corridor within the Swan Coastal Plain, extending inland five to ten kilometres, a continuous strip south from Yanchep to Busselton. Outlying patches of the tree are found to the north of Yanchep and further inland where rivers intersect the range.The Tuart has box-like rough bark through the length of the trunk to small twigs. Leaves are stalked, alternate, lanceolate or falcate to 12 x 2cm, slightly discolorous to concolorous, glossy, light green and thin. White flowers appear in mid summer to mid autumn.Eucalyptus gomphocephala is a species of tree, also known as Tuart, in the genus Eucalyptus. Native to the southwest of Western Australia the tree grows to over 35m tall. As a durable hardwood the timber is sought after for scantlings, structural timber, the construction of railway carriages, and boat building. The colouring and grain pattern of the timber also makes it a popular choice for furniture manufactures, due to over logging the Tuart is a protected tree with conditions placed on logging.

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