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Eriogonum gracile is a species of wild buckwheat known by the common name slender woolly buckwheat.

The annual plant is native to California, where it is widespread across the state except the deserts, and to parts of Baja California in northwestern Mexico.
It grows in many types of habitat, including chaparral, montane, woodland, and grasslands. It is often found on clay soils, and also in sandy places.
Eriogonum gracile is an annual herb which is quite variable in appearance. It grows erect to decumbent with a slender, branching stem 10 to 70 centimeters long, sometimes with a thick coat of woolly fibers and sometimes nearly hairless.
The oblong leaves are borne on short petioles, the largest at the base of the plant with blades approaching 6 centimeters long. There are usually leaves along the lower part of the stem. The leaves are woolly in texture, at least on the undersides.
The flowering stem is lined with small clusters of hairless flowers in shades of pink, yellow, or white.

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