Sticky Brittlebush

Sticky Brittlebush Plant Information

Sticky Brittlebush grows in the following 2 states:

Arizona, Utah

Encelia resinifera, the sticky brittlebush, is a North American species of flowering plant in the sunflower family.

The species is found at elevations between 1,100-1,700 metres (3,600-5,600ft) in the states of Arizona and Utah, in the Southwestern United States. It grows in soils derived from sandstone.
Encelia resinifera is a shrub ranging in height from 40-150 centimetres (1.3-4.9ft). The trunk, which becomes fissured with age, supports slender stems.
The leaves, which range between 10 and 25mm in length, are ovate or lanceolate and are usually pointed at the tips.
The yellow flowerheads are borne singly, appearing between May and July (late fall to mid-summer) in their native range. These have 8-13 ray florets.
Two subspecies have been identified:
Encelia resinifera was originally described as a variety of Encelia frutescens (Encelia frutescens var. resinosa) by M.E.Jones in 1913. In 1998 it was reclassified as a distinct species by Curtis Clark.

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