Eggleaf Silktassel

Eggleaf Silktassel Plant Information

Eggleaf Silktassel grows in the following 2 states:

New Mexico, Texas

The plant usually found as an understory species in moist forests, such as Madrean pine-oak woodlands.Garrya ovata, with the common names eggleaf silktassel, Mexican silktassel, and eggleaf garrya, is a plant species native to New Mexico, Texas, and to central and northern Mexico.

Garrya ovata is a shrub up to 6-8 feet (1.8-2.4m) tall and wide. The leaves are thick and leathery, ovate, up to 10cm (4in) long, tomentose on both sides when young, at maturity glabrous above but tomentose below.
Flowers are arranged in pendulous (hanging) racemes, and are green. It blooms in March through May.
Fruits are dark blue, spherical, up to 8mm (0.31in) in diameter.
Three subspecies are currently recognized, regarded by some authors as separate species:
Of the three, only Garrya ovata subsp. lindheimeri' is found within the United States.

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