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Edgeworthia chrysantha (common names: Oriental Paperbush, Mitsumata) is a plant in the Thymelaeaceae family.

The genus was named in honour of Michael Pakenham Edgeworth (1812-1881), an Irish-born Victorian era amateur botanist, who worked for the East India Company, and for his sister, writer Maria Edgeworth. The species name chrysantha derives from the Greek chrusos meaning 'golden' and 'anthos' meaning flower, due to the gold coloured flowers.
Edgeworthia chrysantha is a deciduous shrub with dark green, leathery, single, alternate, lanceolate leaves, 8-13cm long. It can reach a height of 2-2.5m. Flowers are yellow and fragrant, in clusters at the branch tips. The flowering period extends from February to April.
The bark fibres of this plants are used for making the handmade Japanese tissue called "mitsumata paper". Along with kozo and gampi, it is used for making traditional Japanese paper (washi). Among other applications, misumata is used for banknotes as the paper is very durable.
This species can be found in southwest China, Nepal, and Japan.

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