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Dudleya lanceolata is a succulent plant known by the common name lanceleaf liveforever. This plant is native to the mountains of Southern California and Baja California, where it is found in rocky areas and slopes.

This dudleya has fleshy, pointed leaves of variable shape and size, from a basal rosette of flat, spade-shaped leaves to bunches of longer, thicker leaves. It is generally 1 foot (30cm) tall and wide.
Its stem is erect and bears a branching inflorescence with up to 20 flowers on each of its few branches. The flowers are generally bright yellow, pink, or red, with pale green bases.
Dudleya lanceolata is cultivated as an ornamental plant by specialty nurseries, for use in rock gardens, as a potted plant, and a native plant in natural landscaping.

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