Red Rock Tarweed

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Deiandra arida (formerly Hemizonia arida), also called Red Rock tarplant, is a rare California annual plant in the (sunflower family).

Deiandra arida occurs on clay and volcanic soils and in desert dry wash from 1,000-3,000 feet (300-900 m) in elevation. It is known from only 10 sites in the Red Rock Canyon State Park area of the Mojave Desert in Kern County, California.
It is a branched annual growing from 1' to 3' (30-90 cm) tall.
Lower leaves are inversely lanceolate and hairless, with toothed margins. Upper leaves are without teeth (entire) at the outside edge, and are covered in sparse, short, stiff hairs, giving it a bristly feel.
Flower heads grow in flat-topped clusters at the tops of stems.Flower heads have 18-25 yellow disk flowers, with 5-10 yellow ray flowers. Bristly phyllaries halfway enclose the akenes.

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