Searls Prairie Clover

Searls Prairie Clover Plant Information

Searls Prairie Clover grows in the following 4 states:

Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada

Dalea searlsiae, with the common name Searls' prairie clover, is an uncommon perennial legume.

The plant is endemic to the Mojave Desert in California, southern Nevada, and southwestern Utah. It is also found in the Inyo Mountains.
It is usually found in Pion-Juniper Woodlands alongside sagebrush, at elevations of 1,200-2,000 metres (3,900-6,600ft).
Dalea searlsiae is a perennial herbaceous plant, growing to 3-5 decimetres (12-20in) in height.
It has lilac-pink to rose-purple flowers. The bloom period is May and June

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