Cutleaf Monkeyflower

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Mimulus laciniatus is an uncommon species of monkeyflower known by the common name Cutleaf monkeyflower.

Mimulus laciniatus is an annual herb producing a mostly hairless stem reaching maximum heights between 3 and 38 centimeters. The oppositely arranged leaves are up to 5 centimeters in length and generally oval in shape, though some of them are divided into lobes. The inflorescence is a raceme of several tiny red-spotted yellow flowers each 4 millimeters to 1.5 centimeters long. The tubular base of each flower is encapsulated in a ribbed, reddish calyx of sepals.
Mimulus laciniatus is endemic to the High Sierra Nevada in California, where it most often grows in moist areas on granitic soils.

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