Curved Woodrush

Curved Woodrush Plant Information

Curved Woodrush grows in the following 4 states:

Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington

Luzula arcuata is a species of flowering plant in the rush family Juncaceae with the common name curved wood-rush. The plant is native to mountains of northern Europe, north-western and north-eastern Asia and north-western North America.

Luzula arcuata is a short (up to 10cm), tufted, shortly rhizomatous, grass-like perennial herb. The longer flower stalks droop, curving downwards.:941
It has a very local distribution, confined to open ground and mountain summit plateaux that are sufficiently exposed to be kept snow-free. Its native distribution includes Iceland, Svalbard, northern Norway and Scottish mountains and mountains of Western North America and the Kamchatka peninsula.

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