Curved Sicklegrass

Curved Sicklegrass Plant Information

Curved Sicklegrass grows in the following 13 states:

Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Alabama, California, Delaware, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia

Parapholis incurva is a species of grass native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa, and widely naturalised elsewhere. Common names include coast barbgrass, curved sea hard grass, curved hard-grass,sicklegrass, curved sicklegrass and curved parapholis.

It is a tufted annual bunchgrass up to 30 centimetres high, with green flowers.
It was first published as Aegilops incurva by Carl Linnaeus, and transferred into Parapholis by Charles Edward Hubbard in 1946.
It is widespread in the old world, occurring in northern Africa, Europe, and Asia. It has widely naturalised elsewhere.

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