Roundspike Cryptantha

Roundspike Cryptantha Plant Information

Roundspike Cryptantha grows in the following 8 states:

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, California, Nevada

Cryptantha humilis is a perennial plant in the Borage Family (Boraginaceae). It is commonly called Low Cryptantha.

It is found in dry, gravely soils of the sagebrush scrub community, in subalpine forest, and the alpine zone of the United States Sierra Nevada range, up to 11,900 feet (3,600m).
It has small, densely leafy stems, giving it a cushion-like appearance, and is relatively low growing, hence the common name.
Hairy leaves are spoon shaped.
Inflorescences with 5 lobed, white flowers with a yellow ring inside the upper throat, are and less than 12 inch (1.3cm)wide.
The ovate fruits (nutlets) are more wrinkled than C. nubigena.

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