Montbretia Plant Information

Montbretia grows in the following 9 states:

Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas

Cultivars within C. crocosmiflora include:Crocosmia crocosmiflora is a garden hybrid of C.aurea and C.pottsii, first bred by Victor Lemoine in 1880. It is one of many Crocosmia plants known as "montbretia."

Crocosmia crocosmiflora is a hybrid between two species (C. aurea x C.pottsii) and is an invasive plant in New Zealand, common on roadsides in the northern parts of the West Coast of the South Island. The Department of Conservation classes it as an environmental weed.
In Belfast (Northern Ireland) it is recorded as well-established in a wide range of habitats.
Crocosmia crocosmiflora grows to 90cm high with long sword-shaped leaves, shorter than the flowering stem and arising from the plant base, ribbed and up to 20mm wide. The base is a corm, a swollen underground stem lasting one year. The flowers are up to 5cm long and coloured deep orange.

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