Cowania Mexicana

Cowania Mexicana Plant Information

Cowania Mexicana grows in the following 7 states:

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, California, Nevada

Stenophyllanin A, a tannin, can be found in P. mexicana.In its mostly mountainous, or higher elevation habitat, it grows in woodlands, desert, and plateau habitat.Purshia stansburyana, native to the southwestern United States, has sometimes been included within P. mexicana.Purshia mexicana is a species of perennial flowering small tree in the rose family known by the common name Mexican cliffrose. It is native to western-northern Mexico, the region of the Sierra Madre Occidental cordillera.

The range of Mexican Cliffrose is from the western Mexican Plateau in the south, and the southern Sierra Madre Occidental cordillera north to a small region of northwest Sonora; it has a continuous range in the cordillera from Chihuahua south through Durango and Zacatecas, all mostly north of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, though a few scattered locales do occur in the belt.

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