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Cotoneaster acuminatus (commonly known as acuminate cotoneaster) is a species of flowering plant in the Rosaceae family that is native to the Himalayas. In forests it can be found at elevations of 1,300-3,000 metres (4,300-9,800ft), while on hillsides it is found at 2,500-3,500 metres (8,200-11,500ft). The species has also been introduced to Oregon.

C. acuminatus is 2 to 4 metres (6ft 7in to 13ft 1in) in height. Its petioles and lanceolates, both of which are villous, are 3 to 5 millimetres (0.12 to 0.20in) in length.
The species is found in Bhutan, Nepal, China (Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan), and India (Sikkim).

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