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Convolvulus tricolor (syn. C. minor), is a species of morning glory known by the common names dwarf morning-glory and tricolour convolvulus.

It is a short to medium annual plant with solitary long-stalked flowers. The flower is a tri-coloured funnel-shaped bloom about three centimeters wide, blue with white and a yellow centre.

O. Bols et J. Vigoe distinguish Convolvulus tricolor ssp. pentapetaloides (L.) O.Bols & Vigo, found in the Balearic isles, from the type subspecies (Convolvulus tricolor ssp tricolor) by flowers that are smaller (7-10 mm), and both the calyx and the capsule having few or no hairs.
Common on cultivated land, dry open habitats, sandy places and roadsides.
This flowering plant is native to the Mediterranean Basin, particularly the south, but it is occasionally seen in other areas of similar climate. In Spain it can be found in the Balearic Islands, and Andalusia, especially in the Costa del Sol.
Convolvulus tricolor is usually cultivated for ornamental purposes. Cultivars include: Red Ensign, Blue Ensign

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