Winecup Clarkia

Winecup Clarkia Plant Information

Winecup Clarkia grows in the following 5 states:

Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Washington

This annual plant is native to western North America, including: Baja California; California; Arizona; Oregon; Washington; and British Columbia. - where it is found in a diverse variety of habitats. In the California Floristic Province it is found in all the zones, except the deserts, from the coasts to high interior mountains, including the Sierra Nevada. Clarkia purpurea is a species of wildflower known by the common names winecup clarkia, winecup fairyfan, and purple clarkia.

Clarkia purpurea erects a thin reddish stem which may approach 1 meter (3 ft.) in height and has a few lance-shaped leaves.
The bowl-shaped flowers have four petals, usually one to two centimeters long. They are in shades of pink, purple, or deep wine red; often with a streak or spot of pink or red in the middle.
Subspecies include:
The Indigenous peoples of California sowed the plant, to later harvest the seeds to grind for food.
The conspicuous flowers support native bees, making it a "honey plant".

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