Citron Zephyrlily

Citron Zephyrlily Plant Information

Citron Zephyrlily grows in the following 3 states:

Mississippi, Florida, Hawaii

Zephyranthes citrina, is a species of bulbous plant belong to the family Amaryllidaceae, native to Mexico .

It is a bulbous plant with green leaves dull 4mm wide. The upright flowers with lemon yellow color, funnel-shaped from 3.1 to 5cm, green tube. The number chromosome is 2n = 48. It grows luxuriantly in natural grasslands and gardens in the month of July after rain. On blooming, it makes the gardens yellowish in waterlogged plains of Punjab. Commonly, it is known as the citron zephyrlily or yellow rain lily.
Zephyranthes citrina was described by Baker and published in Botanical Magazine 108: pl. 6605, in 1882. (February 1, 1882)

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