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Cistus creticus (Pink Rock-Rose, Hoary Rock-Rose) is a species of shrubby plant in the family Cistaceae. Though it usually has pink flowers, of 4.5-5 cm diameter, this species is very variable. It is widely known as a decorative plant. It is frequently called "Cistus incanus". (The true Cistus incanus is the hybrid C. albidus C. crispus.)

The name Cistus creticus was first used by Carl Linnaeus in 1762. Confusion exists between this name and one published earlier by Linnaeus, Cistus incanus. As used by many authors, but not Linnaeus, the name "C.incanus" is taken to refer to Cistus creticus, particularly C.creticus subsp. eriocephalus.
There are also several well-known cultivars, such as 'Lasithi' with compact, rounded flowers.

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