San Bernardino Spineflower

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The plant is endemic to Southern California, where it is found in the San Bernardino Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains and Western Transverse Ranges, the Colorado Desert, and along the southern coast. It is found mainly in chaparral scrub plant communities.Chorizanthe parryi is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family known by the common name Parry's spineflower and San Bernardino spineflower.

Chorizanthe parryi is a small, sprawling herb with roughly hairy stems spreading along the ground or somewhat upright. There are a few leaves up to four centimeters long located mainly around the base of the stems where they emerge from the ground.
The flowers have urn-shaped bases of woolly bracts whose points may be straight or hooked, the characteristic which differentiates the two varieties. The tiny flower is white and sometimes hairy.

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