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Chorizanthe fimbriata, (Fringed spineflower) is an annual plant in the Polygonaceae family, the buckwheats. It is a member of the genus Chorizanthe, the spineflowers, and is native to southern California and northern Baja California.

The Chorizanthe fimbriata species is endemic to the San Jacinto Mountains (California) and the Peninsular Ranges in Southern California and Baja California, below 1,600 metres (5,200ft). It is found in coastal sage and montane chaparral and woodlands habitats.
The Chorizanthe fimbriata plant is low-lying at 10-50 centimetres (3.9-19.7in), and spreading 1-3.5 metres (3.3-11.5ft) in diameter. It bears small star-shaped 5-lobed reddish-purple flowers with yellow tubes.
There are two varieties of the Fringed spineflower:

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