Chinese Yam

Chinese Yam Plant Information

Chinese Yam grows in the following 27 states:

Connecticut, District Of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Dioscorea oppositifolia is a type of yam (Dioscorea) native to Myanmar (Burma) and to the Indian Subcontinent (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh).

The plant previously called D. opposita is now considered to be the same species as D. oppositifolia. However Dioscorea polystachya is often incorrectly called Dioscorea opposita as well. Botanical works that point out that error may list, e.g., Dioscorea opposita auct. non Thunb. as a synonym of D. polystachya.

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