Nevada Dustymaiden

Nevada Dustymaiden Plant Information

Nevada Dustymaiden grows in the following 3 states:

Idaho, California, Nevada

Chaenactis nevadensis, with the common name Nevada dustymaiden, is a North American species of flowering plant in the daisy family.

It is native to the high mountains of eastern California, including the Sierra Nevada from Shasta County to western Inyo County, with a few populations in Washoe County, Nevada; and into the southernmost Cascade Range.
The species grows in sandy or gravelly soils in subalpine habitats.
Chaenactis nevadensis is a perennial herb growing several short stems just a few centimeters high surrounded by a basal rosette of small, woolly, multilobed leaves. The inflorescence arises on a short peduncle. Each flower head is lined with rigid, blunt-tipped, glandular phyllaries. The flower head contains several white or pink flowers with long, protruding anthers. The fruit is an achene with a pappus of scales.

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