Longleaf Indian Paintbrush

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It is native to California and Baja California, where it grows in a number of habitat types including chaparral.Castilleja subinclusa is a species of Indian paintbrush known by the common names longleaf Indian paintbrush and Franciscan Paint Brush.

Castilleja subinclusa is a spreading perennial herb which can exceed a meter tall. It is gray-green to purple in herbage color, and usually hairy. The lance-shaped leaves are up to 8 centimeters long.
The inflorescence is up to 40 centimeters long and is made up of long, pointed bracts tipped in bright red-orange to deep red. Between the colorful bracts appear lighter flowers, which are yellow-green to pinkish and hairy.
Subspecies, which generally do not occur together, include:

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