California Lomatium

California Lomatium Plant Information

California Lomatium grows in the following 2 states:

Oregon, California

This plant is native to California and Oregon. It is found on mountains and hills, at elevations of 150-1,800 metres (490-5,910ft). Lomatium californicum is a species of plant related to the carrot and the parsnip which is known by the common names California rock parsnip, celery weed, and California lomatium.

Lomatium californicum grows to 3-12 decimetres (0.98-3.94ft). It has coarsely toothed to lobed blue-green leaves. They resemble those of common celery in both appearance and taste.
The yellow flowers are in broad umbels of 1.5-3 decimetres (5.9-11.8in) in diameter.
It is a traditional Native American food source and medicinal plant, with various parts of the plant used, including by the Kawaiisu, Yuki, and Yurok peoples. The Yuki chewed it while hunting to prevent deer from detecting human scents.

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