Bunched Arrowhead

Bunched Arrowhead Plant Information

Bunched Arrowhead grows in the following 2 states:

North Carolina, South Carolina

Sagittaria fasciculata, the bunched arrowhead (also known as duck potato, Indian potato, or wapato) is a plant found in wetlands. This plant produces edible tubers that were heavily collected by the Native Americans as a food source. STATUS: Endangered, Federal Register, July 25, 1979

Sagittaria fasciculata is a perennial herb up to 35cm tall. Submerged leaves are long and narrow, round in cross-section. Emerging leaves are flat, broadly ovate or lanceolate.
Sagittaria fasciculata is only known to be found in Henderson and Buncombe Counties in North Carolina plus Greenville and Laurens Counties in South Carolina.
Sagittaria fasciculata is found in seepage areas with little to no flow. It prefers shaded areas on sandy loams.

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