Longleaf Brickellbush

Longleaf Brickellbush Plant Information

Longleaf Brickellbush grows in the following 5 states:

Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada

Some authors consider the closely related Mojave Desert plants as a variety of B. longifolia but others recognize it as a distinct species, B. multiflora.Brickellia longifolia (longleaf brickellbush) is a shrub in the (sunflower family). It is found in the Colorado Plateau and Canyonlands region of the southwestern United States, in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and western Colorado.:139

Brickellia longifolia is a densely branched shrub from 3 to 6 feet (0.91 to 1.83m) tall.:139
Narrow, stalkless leaves are 38 to 434 inches (0.95 to 12.07cm) long and taper to a point.:139
Brickellia longifolia blooms from June to September.:139 Small green flowers are in clusters of 3-5 per head, with only disk flowers, and many clusters on a stalk that is elongated from the top of each branch.:139
It can be found in moist areas near seeps and riparian areas] in Southern Utah, with occurrences from California to Arizona.:139

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