Bigflower Tellima

Bigflower Tellima Plant Information

Bigflower Tellima grows in the following 6 states:

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Washington

Tellima grandiflora, the bigflower tellima or fringecups, is a herbaceous perennial plant of the family Saxifragaceae. It is the only species in the genus Tellima. It has rounded leaves that emerge from a rootstock, and reach heights of 30cm. It is evergreen in mild winters. Flowers are borne in spring and early summer, on spikes up to 60cm high. The green calyx is 6-8mm long; the five flower petals are greenish-white to purple, pinnately divided and spreading. The petals are deeply fringed.

The plant is a native of moist forests in western North America, from Alaska and British Columbia to northern California. It can be a garden escape and become naturalised in some other areas, e.g. Great Britain.
It is widely grown in gardens. Different strains have been developed. It seeds itself freely in suitable climates.
This plant, crushed and made into an infusion, was used by the Skagit to aid people in sicknesses such as loss of appetite.Ellagitannins are chemical compounds that have potential antiviral activity.Tellimagrandin II, the first of the ellagitannins, formed from pentagalloyl glucose, is laccase-catalyzed dimerised to cornusiin E in T. grandiflora.

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