Big Deervetch

Big Deervetch Plant Information

Big Deervetch grows in the following 3 states:

Oregon, California, Washington

Lotus crassifolius, now reclassified as Hosackia crassifolia, is a species of trefoil, a legume, known by the common names big deervetch and broad-leafed lotus.

The plant is native to western North America, in California, Oregon, and Washington (U.S. states); and into Baja California (Mxican state).
The California populations are found in diverse habitats, including chaparral, California oak woodland, California mixed evergreen forest, and conifer forest.
Lotus crassifolius/Hosackia crassifolia is a long-lived, somewhat bushy plant which bears long straight stems with evenly spaced oval-shaped leaves.
It produces thick bunches of yellow, pink-and-yellow, or scarlet-and-yellow pea flowers. The bloom period is May to August.
The brownish pea pods contain speckled red or brown peas.

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