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Aster Squarrosus grows in the following 4 states:

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida

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Inula spiraeifolia is a European species perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Inula within the daisy family.

Inula spiraeifolia reaches an height of 30-80 centimetres (12-31 in). The middle leaves are oblong-elliptic and they measure 3-5 centimetres (1.2-2.0 in) of length and 1-2 centimetres (0.39-0.79 in) of width. The base of the leaves is not embracing the stem. The upper cauline leaves are erect, with a round base. The stem is erect and branched, with numerous flowers (two to twelve). The outer ones are ligulate and bright yellow, while the inner ones are tubular dark orange. The flower's attachment to the stalk (receptacle) is covered by clearly curved scales. The flowering period extends from June to August.
This plant is found in southern France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Balkans.
They can be found up to 700 metres (2,300 ft) above sea level, in most environments, rocky, arid and hot.

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