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Asclepias Macrosperma grows in the following 7 states:

Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas

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Asclepias macrosperma (dwarf milkweed) is a perennial plant in the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae) found in the Colorado Plateau and Canyonlands region of the southwestern United States.:138

It is a perennial plant 2 to 10 inches (5.1 to 25.4 cm) long with stems laying on the ground.:138
Leaves and stems are densely covered with hair.:138
It blooms from April to June.:138 Flowers are in clusters at the ends of stems, with 5 greenish-white downward bent petals and 5 greenish-white pouch-like sacs.:138
Seedpods are shaped like spindles.:138
It can be found from mixed desert shrub up to pinyon juniper woodland communities.:138
"Macro" + "sperma" means "large" + "seed".:138
It was first collected at Arches National Park in 1893.:138

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