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Arctostaphylos catalinae, known by the common name Santa Catalina Island manzanita, is a species of manzanita native to Southern California.

The plant is endemic to Santa Catalina Island, one of the southern Channel Islands of California.
The plant grows in maritime chaparral habitats, on the ridges of Catalina Island.
Arctostaphylos catalinae is a shrub usually exceeding 2 metres (6.6ft) in height, sometimes taking a treelike form up to 5 metres (16ft) tall. It is glandular and covered in white bristles.
The leaves also have fine bristles. The dull, light green blades are up to 5 centimeters long by 3 wide.
The flowers are borne in an open, branching inflorescence with leaflike bracts.
The fruit is a spherical drupe up to 1.5 centimeters wide.

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