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California Bearpoppy grows in the following 3 states:

Arizona, Utah, Nevada

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Arctomecon californica is a species of poppy known by several common names, including California bearpoppy, Las Vegas bearpoppy, golden bearpoppy, and yellow-flowered desert poppy.

Arctomecon californica is native to the eastern Mojave Desert: in areas around Las Vegas, Nevada such as Tule Springs; the Lake Mead area; and in extreme northwestern Arizona. It is also known from a single location in Washington County, southwestern Utah.
Arctomecon californica is a Perennial herb found in Creosote bush (Larrea tridentata) habitats, in barren shales, at 500-1,000 metres (1,600-3,300 ft) in elevation.
The plant flowers in mid spring with deep yellow petals from large buds on tall 1-3 feet branching inflorescences. Fruiting occurs in early summer.

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