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Anisodontea is a genus in the tribe Malveae in the family Malvaceae. It comprises twenty-one species native to South Africa. Members of the genus typically bear toothed leaves with three or five palmate, uneven lobes. Members of the genus also typically bear flowers with a pubescent calyx, a five-petaled corolla streaked from the center and pink to magenta in color, and stamens with anthers of a dark color.

Members of the genus are classed as half-hardy. They thrive in cool-temperate climates and are used as summer bedding and in mild coastal areas where they may be grown as border plants. For several species, the seeds should be sown in spring. Half-harden cuttings should be taken in summer but need bottom heat. They do best in loam-based gritty compost and positioned in full sun.
Anisodontea alexandriiAnisodontea anomalaAnisodontea bifloraAnisodontea bryoniifoliaAnisodontea capensisAnisodontea dissectaAnisodontea dregeanaAnisodontea elegansAnisodontea fruticosaAnisodontea gracilisAnisodontea hypomandarumAnisodontea juliiAnisodontea malvastroidesAnisodontea procumbensAnisodontea pseudocapensisAnisodontea racemosaAnisodontea reflexaAnisodontea scabrosaAnisodontea setosaAnisodontea theroniiAnisodontea triloba

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