Anemone Ludoviciana

Anemone Ludoviciana Plant Information

Anemone Ludoviciana grows in the following 18 states:

Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, Texas, Washington

Pulsatilla patens is a US native species of flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae; Pulsatilla vulgaris is native to Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Canada and the United States. Common names include Eastern pasqueflower, prairie crocus, and cutleaf anemone.

Pulsatilla patens is often placed in the genus Anemone, as Anemone patens L..
Pulsatilla patens is the provincial flower of Manitoba, Canada and (as P. hirsutissima) is the state flower of South Dakota, United States.
Advocates report that the population of Pulsatilla patens is declining, due to the synergy between the prairie crocus and shortgrass prairie ecosystems. Plowing up the prairie causes the crocus to disappear.
Two subspecies have been distinguished:

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