Alva Days Pincushionplant

Alva Days Pincushionplant Plant Information

Alva Days Pincushionplant grows in the following 4 states:

Colorado, Oregon, California, Nevada

Navarretia sinistra (formerly Gilia sinistra) is a species of flowering plant in the phlox family known by the common name Alva Day's pincushionplant.

The plant is endemic to the western United States, within northern California, Nevada, and Oregon.
It is native to mountain chaparral, sagebrush scrub, yellow pine forest, red fir forest, and lodgepole forest habitats, often on volcanic or serpentine soils. It grows at 50-2,700 metres (160-8,860ft) in elevation.
Navarretia sinistra produces a branching, leafy stem coated in knobby glands. The leaves are sometimes deeply cut or lobed.
The inflorescence produces generally 2 or 3 flowers on very thin stalks. Each flower has a pouchlike calyx of sepals which are ribbed with reddish membranous tissue between. The tubular flower has a pink corolla and a red-streaked yellow throat. The protruding stamens are tipped with blue anthers.
The bloom period is June to August.

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