Blue Bugle

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Blue Bugle grows in the following 15 states:

Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island

Ajuga genevensis (also variously known as the upright bugle,blue bugle,Geneva bugleweed,blue bugleweed) is a herbaceous flowering plant native to Europe. It is less common than its relative, Ajuga reptans (common bugle).

Ajuga genevensis is a perennial plant (flowering between April and July) growing to a height of between 10 and 30cm.Evergreen, it has long-stalked, obovate, basal leaves which are shallowly lobed or toothed.
It has an upright stem with flowers arranged in dense, terminal, spike-like inflorescences. The flowers are usually violet-blue, though can be pink or white, and the uppermost flowers are often flushed with blue. When pink, it is sometimes known as "pink beauty", and when white, it is sometimes known as "alba". The flowers have short upper-lips with protruding stamens and pistil. The plant sometimes suffers from Erysiphe biocellata, a type of mildew.
Ajuga genevensis is a less common relative of Ajuga reptans, the Common bugle, though it is common for the two plants to interbreed, as well as with Ajuga pyramidalis, the pyramidal bugle, producing hybrid offspring that are very similar.
There are also several variants of Ajuga genevensis such as A. genevensis var. arida (a variety with short grey hairs found in mountain meadows) and A. genevensis var. elatior (a mountain plant with randomly hairy stems). Both varieties vary slightly in the shape and size of the leaves and bracts.
Ajuga genevensis are found on the edges of dry woods, as well as in thickets and grasslands. It is found at various locations around Europe including Sweden, France, Italy, Britain and from Macedonia to Caucasia. It can also be found growing wild in North America as a result of seeds that have escaped from gardens. It is used as an ornamental plant in gardens worldwide, where it used in edges due to its slower spread compared with A. reptans.
Ajuga genevensis herb has been used in the traditional Austrian medicine internally as tea for treatment of disorders related with the respiratory tract.

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