Tropical Whiteweed

Tropical Whiteweed Plant Information

Tropical Whiteweed grows in the following 12 states:

Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri

In Vietnamese, the plant is called ct ln (meaning "pig feces") due to its growth in dirty areas.Ageratum conyzoides (billygoat-weed, chick weed, goatweed, whiteweed) is native to Tropical America, especially Brazil, and considered an invasive weed in many other regions. Herb 0.5-1 m. high, with ovate leaves 2-6cm long, and flowers are white to mauve.

As a medicinal plant, Ageratum conyzoides has limited uses due to its toxicity. It is also an insecticide and nematicide.
Ingesting A. conyzoides can cause liver lesions and tumors. There was a mass poisoning incident in Ethiopia as a result of contamination of grain with A. conyzoides. The plant contains the pyrrolizidine alkaloids lycopsamine and echinatine.
A. conyzoides is prone to becoming a rampant environmental weed when grown outside of its natural range. It is an invasive weed in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and the USA. It is considered a moderate weed of rice cultivation in Asia.

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